May 172009

Damn that took me all day to upload.

Sunday Morning Sexytime Story from Mollena Williams on Vimeo.




So a poll. So far, I’ve been doing funny stories. Mostly to avoid straight-up smut.


But maybe that is ok…



[poll id=”6″]

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  10 Responses to “Sunday (Well, it WAS morning) Sexytime Story ~ Extreme Smoking”

  1. I love the funny stories. and I love sexy stories. I think you lying in bed, all bein yo’ sexy self adds a great element of ‘this should be dirty’ but then you go on to talk about encounters that went horribly… out of the expected. I love it.

    I do think if you were to add an occasional racier story your readers wouldn’t be too upset. I know I wouldnt

  2. OMG I love love LOVE your voice. Damn. Wow. Oh right you wanted comments about the *story*. Good, fun story. But really with that voice you could read a grocery list and I would listen. Yes, racier wouldn’t bother me at all.

  3. They are always good. Keep them coming.

  4. That’s fucking awesome! Now I’m craving a smoke….

  5. Said it before, say it again, you have this buttery-silky voice that I could just listen to all day with rapt attention. However, conversely, should you try….that soft smooth voice could also lull me to a peaceful sleep. You just…were meant to talk to an audience. I hope you come to NYC in November.

    Also, I dated/fucked various smokers for various years and nothing like that ever happened to me. I could see my R doing it though, totally and ya know….yeah. it’s hot. you’re right it’s just this height of sexy dom-y selfish “i need to fuck you right now but i also need this motherfucking nicotine”

  6. […] Note: this covers some moderate “Daddy / girl ageplay” stuff,so if that is a trigger for you, please take care of yourself and move on to another SMSS! […]

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