May 182009
photo by melvin moten jr

photo by melvin moten jr.


…I love this photograph. A lot.

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  13 Responses to “Untethered.”

  1. Beautiful!

  2. I love it a lot, too! Burgundy is my fav color.

  3. it’s a photo worth loving,you look amazing

    • THANK you!

      I am usually not too enchanted with looking at myself…bizarrely so. But sometimes it just CLICK for me, you know? The story and the moment.



      • i totally agree! i post all kinds of pic’s but it’s rare that i stop to ogle at myself lol. enjoy the moment :D


  4. I love this picture, not in small part because from that angle your boob looks just like mine. Mine is maybe a half a drop browner. I squee’d.

    • Yaaaay!!!!!

      Of course, that is a gravity-defying boobage shot and therefore your bebies are the awesomerx!!



  5. Truly gorgeous. And moving, too.

  6. Just wanted to say how lovely I found this picture, but so many others have beat me to the punch. So, I will content myself with letting you know how much I enjoy your tweets and appreciate the place you have in the community. If all involved were as committed, intelligent and passionate about play as you are, I could ask for nothing more within our interlocking circles of perverts.

    I hope to eventually make your acquaintance.

    Mistress Phoenix

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